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Carmageddon crashers

Carmageddon Crashers: It’s the antidote to dreary drag strip racing games! Crashers: the latest title from the creators of the Carmageddon series, the controversial driving game where pedestrians equals points and the cars are built for carnage! Crashers is drag racing with a difference!

Wreck or be wrecked!

The cars start from opposite ends of the drag strip, and race straight at one another. Driven to destruction, there can be only one outcome. Wreck or be wrecked! Who doesn’t like a good car battle?

As a Crashers drag racer, your growing garage will be filled with extreme car battle racing machines as you fight your way from the Lightweight class to Super Heavyweight class across 5 action-packed zones. This isn’t just drag racing, battle racing, or stunt car racing, it’s the ultimate thrill ride to total destruction!

It’s your mission to get to the top of the Crashers league, defeating all in your path – including a bunch of seriously unhinged Mini Bosses and Zone Bosses.


Buy new cars, upgrade them, and end up with a garage stuffed full of smashtastic metal mangling machines! Carmageddon Crashers is THE drag racing game, featuring more destruction than you would believe possible! No other drag racer or stunt car racing game has anything like this level of mayhem! Let the dragracing cars battles commence!







iOS, Android

Drag Racing Game

Stainless Games Ltd., UK


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