Virtual Interactive Technologies Corp. Announces Hiring of Industry Veteran Peter Chiodo


Denver, Colorado, December 28, 2021 - Virtual Interactive Technologies Corp., (OTC: VRVR) (“VRVR” or
the “Company”)
, a multi-platform video gaming company is pleased to announce the hiring of Peter
Anthony “Tony” Chiodo as VP of Business Development and Gaming Concepts.


Mr. Chiodo has 30+ years of experience in the video gaming space. His experience includes Award-
winning Product Development and UX/UI Director, Product Manager and Designer, Certified Change
Management Practitioner (Prosci), Product Development Director and Internal Studio Manager. Mr.
Chiodo has worked for a number of companies in the gaming space including Microsoft Corporation
(Xbox) (NASDAQ: MSFT), Destineer Games, WGU, Soul and Vibe Entertainment, Inc./Soul and Vibe
Publishing, Inc., and Progressive Leasing (Fin Tech). He has also consulted to several video gaming
companies such as Victura (Six Days In Fallujah), MEGU Games.


“I am extremely excited to be joining the team at VRVR,” said Mr. Chiodo. “I believe that we can build
this young company into a competitive force in the video gaming industry by combining exciting gaming
experiences with the newest technology developments and trends in the industry.”


“We are very happy to welcome Mr. Chiodo to the VRVR family.” said Jason Garber, CEO of Virtual
Interactive Technologies. He continued “It is a great accomplishment for a young company like VRVR to
attract a talented and experienced veteran like Mr. Chiodo to our team. We believe that Mr. Chiodo’s
input will add significant momentum to our quest to become a major force in the video gaming


About Virtual Interactive Technologies Corp.
Virtual Interactives Technologies Corp. ( is a Denver, Colorado based video game
production, publishing, and technology company. The company currently has a portfolio of five video
game titles which include: Carmegeddon MaxDamage, Carmegeddon Crashers, Interplanetary Enhanced
Edition, Worbital, and Catch & Release VR. The Company finances the development of video game
projects to be release on various popular gaming platforms with an emphasis on mobile gaming, virtual
reality, and other new and emerging gaming technologies. We look to team with existing game
developers as well as offering our own expertise in development solutions, publishing, and marketing
video game products. We are constantly engaged in finding ways to reinvest our royalty income streams
into further growing our royalty contracts and intellectual property in the video gaming industry.

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