Virtual Interactive Technologies Corp. Announces New Appointee to Its Advisory Board


Denver, Colorado, January 18, 2022 - Virtual Interactive Technologies Corp., (OTC: VRVR) (“VRVR” or
the “Company”)
, a multi-platform video gaming company is pleased to announce it is adding Mr. Saad
Hameed to its recently formed advisory board.


Mr. Hameed is the CEO and Co-Founder of Game District. Game District is 300+ person global video
gaming company that provides its customers with fully integrated solutions for video game
development. From the initial concept of a game to strategy, architecture, design, development, release,
marketing, and everything in-between, Game District helps their customers bring their ideas to life.
Game District has worked with a number of high-profile brands including the NFL, LEGO, The Hobbit,
Jurassic Park and others. Game District has produced many of its own titles in the Action, Simulation and
Hyper-Casual categories and they are working on a Play-to-Educate initiative for kids under their new
brand. Game District has experienced rapid growth over the past couple of years and through their
network of brands has now grown to more that 1Billion+ users. Mr. Hameed is a serial entrepreneur and
has built multiple companies from the ground-up. He occasionally speaks at various gaming conferences
some of which have included GameSummit USA, Casual Connect UK, and DGC. He is passionate about
mentoring and funding new mobile game startups and helping to provide the new generation of
developers with a clear direction and guidance so they can carve out a path for themselves.


“As the newest member of Virtual Interactive Technologies Advisory Board, I believe I can add significant
input to both the game development and business side of the Company”, said Mr. Hameed. He added, “I
am looking forward to helping the Company move their business plan forward and creating significant
value for their shareholders.”


“Mr. Hameed has been very successful at bringing significant growth to his own company” stated Jason
Garber, CEO of Virtual Interactive Technologies. He continued; “I am really looking forward to working
with Mr. Hameed using his experience and ideas to help leverage our position in the video gaming


About Virtual Interactive Technologies Corp.


Virtual Interactives Technologies Corp. ( is a Denver, Colorado based video game
production, publishing, and technology company. The company currently has a portfolio of five video
game titles which include: Carmegeddon MaxDamage, Carmegeddon Crashers, Interplanetary Enhanced
Edition, Worbital, and Catch & Release VR. The Company finances the development of video game
projects to be release on various popular gaming platforms with an emphasis on mobile gaming, virtual
reality, and other new and emerging gaming technologies. We look to team with existing game
developers as well as offering our own expertise in development solutions, publishing, and marketing

video game products. We are constantly engaged in finding ways to reinvest our royalty income streams
into further growing our royalty contracts and intellectual property in the video gaming industry.


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