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Agreement with Hammer Slammer Games Gmbh to Develop New Mobile Gaming Title

Virtual Interactive Technologies Corp. Signs Agreement with Hammer Slammer Games Gmbh to Develop New Mobile Gaming Title

Denver, Colorado, May 26, 2022 - Virtual Interactive Technologies Corp., (OTC: VRVR) (“VRVR” or the “Company”), a multi-platform video gaming company is pleased to announce it has signed a Letter of Intent with Hammer Slammer Games Gmbh (“HSG”) located in Berlin Germany. The two companies will jointly develop a new mobile game title Micro Card Battler.

Micro Card Battler is inspired by card battler games, RPG’s (Role Playing Games), action roguelites and ARPG’s (Action Roleplaying Games) and designed to put a laser focus on juicy combat, slaying enemies, creative builds, growing more powerful and finding hoards of treasure and delivering all of this in spades. The game is characterized by vivid cartoon art featuring a unique fantasy-sci-fi style, a catchy melodic metal soundtrack and punchy fluid effects. The game is carefully designed to deliver nonstop positive feedback and remove as much friction as possible to make room for more densely packed fun with maximum impact.

Jonathan Reiss, Co-Founder and Head of Design for Hammer Slammer Games Gmbh stated, “we are extremely excited to be partnering with Virtual Interactive Technologies in developing Micro Card Battler”. He added, “we believe this is a great opportunity for Hammer Slammer to showcase our team’s talent while working with an experienced developer like Virtual Interactive Technologies.”

“Micro Card Battler fits the mold we are looking for in bringing new gaming titles to market” said Jason Garber, CEO of Virtual Interactive Technologies. He added; “We have worked with members of Hammer Slammers team on past projects and this confirms our confidence in their abilities which will allow us to deliver another winning title with Micro Card Battler.”

About Virtual Interactive Technologies Corp.

Virtual Interactives Technologies Corp. ( is a Denver, Colorado based video game production, publishing, and technology company. The company currently has a portfolio of five video game titles which include: Carmageddon MaxDamage, Carmageddon Crashers, Interplanetary Enhanced Edition, Worbital, and Catch & Release VR. The Company develops video game projects to be release on various popular gaming platforms with an emphasis on mobile gaming, virtual reality, and other new and emerging gaming technologies. We look to team with existing game developers as well as offering our own expertise in development solutions, publishing, and marketing video game products. We are constantly engaged in finding ways to reinvest our royalty income streams into further growing our royalty contracts and intellectual property in the video gaming industry.

About Hammer Slammer Game GmbH

Hammer Slammer Games Gmbh ( is a young game studio based in Berlin, Germany. Hammer Slammer Games was founded in 2019 to develop small original games that put a lot of emphasis on satisfying game-feel along with interesting new twists in existing genres. We want all Hammer Slammer products to share an unmistakable identity and style. The studio is fully owned by the founders and focuses on production and marketing of unique and stimulating video games.

For Additional Information:

Bruce Nurse - Investor Relations

(303) 919-2913

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